Greeting Cards

Father’s Day Greeting Cards

Here are the Father’s Day cards I promised! Take a look and see if any interest you! The order form is linked in the sidebar.


Here We Go!


Hi! Welcome to my new page. Here you will find photos of unique, one of a kind, handmade cards made by yours truly. 

I was having a hard time figuring out how to make a way to promote and market my work, but I think this is a start.

I recently made plenty of Fathers Day Cards which I will be posting photos of tomorrow. Sorry it’s so last-minute. Hopefully you can look through them and maybe even find one that pertains specifically to your dad and/or your relationship with him.

Feel free and let me know in the comments whether or not you would like to purchase one. I can have them mailed out by Thursday, June 16. For you “belated” people I can mail them out after the 16th.

After Father’s Day I will be posting other cards I have created.

I hope you have a good one and come back as often as you’d like.

styleMEcards creator,

Rochelle Zieman